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We have been investing in India for over a decade and have a very good understanding of the dynamics of doing business locally. We specialise in private equity in emerging markets. Our expertise lies across a range of industry sectors including modular construction, hospitality and fintech. All our investment opportunities are through UK and EU domiciled investment structures to give our investors an extra layer of security when investing in emerging markets.

About Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon is an Impact Investment Company investing in scalable projects in India by exporting established products, services and technology from the UK. 

Our current verticals are ventures, fund management and fintech with a special emphasis on sustainability, carbon neutrality and social impact.


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Experienced management teams with blue chip investment, property and finance skills.
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A distinct understanding of the dynamics of doing business in India.
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All offerings via UK and Indian investment vehicles, some of which offer tax breaks to UK residents, such as the Enterprise investment scheme.
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We believe in responsible and sustainable development and we are passionate about climate change. This is reflected in our carbon neutrality agenda which is applied to all the projects we undertake.

Invest in India

GDP Growth 2017-2023

  • Fastest growing economy in the world 

  • Currently the 5th largest economy and estimated to be the 3rd largest by 2030*

  • 25 million new births every year (equates to the population of Australia) creating a  growing consumer market fuelling huge consumer demand


  • Indian stock market is currently 7th largest with $2 trillion market cap and estimated to grow to $6 trillion by 2028**


  • Ongoing policy changes and development programmes of the central government  fuelling public spending, which is estimated to hit $1 trillion


  • India has a requirement of investment worth ₹ 50 trillion in infrastructure by 2022 to have sustainable development in the country***


**Morgan Stanley

*** IBEF

How do I invest?

What are we offering?

You can subscribe to our limited offer of Preference Shares in Red Ribbon, which offers you an opportunity to participate in everything we are doing in India. A Preference share is distinguished from the Ordinary shares by the rights attached to it. These shares may confer special rights on their holders, in particular the priority to profit.


Projected return on investment

The directors estimate of ROI is based on the current projected growth rate of the Indian economy, the development of the current verticals and the creation of new verticals. The Board of Directors estimates an ROI of 5x over the next 5-7 years, which represents a 25-40% average capital growth per annum in addition to the fixed cumulative 8.75% Preferred Dividend over the first 3 years. 

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